Service Year Story Slam
Washington, DC

Last night, over 60 service year alums and champions gathered at Recessions Bar and Grill in downtown Washington, D.C. for a Service Year Story Slam, organized by Service Year Alliance’s D.C. chapter. Storytellers included military veterans and AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alums and highlighted the impact service years have on individuals, communities and the country. 

The Service Year Story Slam served as a call to action to galvanize the DC community around protecting funding for national service by demonstrating how service brings Americans together in common purpose to tackle pressing challenges and transform their own lives. Attendees were encouraged to get involved by joining the D.C. chapter of service year advocates, whose next meeting will occur April 24th at 7pm at the Service Year Alliance office.






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Service Year Story Slam | Washington, DC
Service Year Story Slam | Washington, DC
Together we have the potential to make a #serviceyear a common expectation and opportunity for all