Sandie Quinn
Chief Technology Officer

Sandie is the Chief Technology Officer for Service Year Alliance. Prior to Service Year Alliance, Sandie served as an Information Technologist developing and deploying scalable, flexible system solutions for more than 20 years, in diverse industries such as the financial, mobile, telecoms, non-profit and healthcare sectors. Sandie’s deep experience with the software development lifecycle enables her to bridge the gap between the technology and business domains, assemble high-functioning teams, and lead them through effective implementations. Her understanding of longer-term design implications, application usage profiles, and production support needs allows her to strike a pragmatic balance between benefits and costs.

Before joining Service Year Alliance, Sandie worked for FI Consulting, managing IT projects in the financial sector. Prior to that, Sandie worked for Fannie Mae as Director of Risk Management Applications. She was CTO at a mobile Internet startup, worked as a technical instructor for Apple, and as a consultant in systems development for telecoms and healthcare applications. Sandie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Applications from Dublin City University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (European School of Management), where she studied in Paris, Oxford, and Berlin.

Sandie Quinn|Chief Technology Officer
Sandie Quinn | Chief Technology Officer
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