Serving Your Country Through National Service

71% of Americans are ineligible for military service. Where do those young Americans go if they want to serve? National service can be the solution.


Service Year Alliance focuses on working with the military and veterans community to expand national service and create more opportunities for young people to serve our country.


The Enlisting America Pledge

Join the growing list of veterans in supporting this big idea.

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WATCH: General (Ret.) Stan McChrystal makes the case for national service


"Right now, less than 1 percent of our population serves in the military and, in my view, we need to rethink and create a system where every young American has an opportunity to serve their nation in other ways. We need to create a culture of service where we are all invested in our nation’s future and feel a shared sense of responsibility to our nation and to each other."

- General (Ret.) Stan McChrystal, Chairperson, Service Year Alliance


How are we working with the military and veterans community?

1. Service Years as a Transition Tool

We're growing the number and quality of service year opportunities for transitioning veterans and military family members. Continue your service by doing a service year.

2. Growing Partnerships

Striving to change policies and grow service opportunities through the US Department of Defense and Congress. 

3. Building Connections

Collaborating with veterans and veteran organizations to build an inclusive movement for the “big idea”--that military service and national service are two sides of the same coin and everyone should have the expectation and opportunity to serve.


Media Highlights from The Latest: Military and Veterans

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Join members of the military and veteran community who believe that universal voluntary national service would ensure that young people grow up as responsible, engaged citizens, not just individuals.  

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Military and Veterans
Serving Your Country Through National Service
Together we have the potential to make a #serviceyear a common expectation and opportunity for all