Service Year Pets!

Our team is great but who’s even greater is our furry friends (or not so furry friends) that we come home to after a long day of commitment and dedication to national service. The SYA Pets are just as dedicated to service as we are.




Owner: Elizabeth Robinson
Owner: Floyd and Carter
Owner: Laura Pelner
Owner: Sandie Quinn
Fiona | Owner: Elizabeth Robinson

Age: 6 months

Favorite thing to eat? Fiona likes to suck on socks-making everyone uncomfortable

Tell us about their personality: Fiona thinks she is permanently stuck in the matrix and is never sure what is going on and how she ended up here. The only person she trusts is her trust demon friend, Meeko.

Best Trick: Once again, Fiona never has any idea what is happening around her. She's too busy trying to figure out who's in control to learn new tricks.

Funniest thing they have ever done? Fiona likes to sit in the middle of the couch cushions like a human would and slowly melts you can tell in her photo.

Advice to another pet coming in your home? Please check with my lover and friend Meeko.


Fishy | Owner: Floyd and Carter

Age: 1

Favorite thing to eat? Colorful fish flakes

Tell us about their personality: Chill/laid back

Best Trick: Blowing Bubbles

Funniest thing they have ever done? He once ate a fish flake while doing a backflip with his eyes closed.

Advice to another pet coming in your home? Make sad faces and you'll get extra food.


Bamboo |Owner: Laura Pelner

Age: 6

Favorite thing to eat? Jumbones

Tell us about their personality: Her nickname is 'The Hall Monitor" because she tries to control any fun-having by humans by barking at us if we get a little too rowdy.

Best trick: She can high-five!

Funniest thing they have ever done? On a walk, she was off leash and was wondering around taking in all the smells. I saw her stop at something that looked pretty muddy and stinky and before I could call to her she rolled on to her back and happily rolled around in the most vile smelling thing I have ever smelled. She casually trotted back over to me quite pleased with herself. She wasn't so happy that she got several baths afterward.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Don't. She is a spoiled only child doggo.


Lucky | Owner: Sandie Quinn

Age: 11

Favorite thing to eat? Banana

Tell us about their personality: a neurotic love machine - loves everyone, jealous of no one, other dogs are freely welcome to come visit. But can't leave the house without an entourage (at least 3 - 4 people plus another dog) and can only leave through a particular door at a particular time - otherwise, she won't go for a walk. She's quite nervous, doesn't like leaving the house, will not go up the road, only down. Banned from every dog salon around....

Best trick: It's not a trick - it's knowing, even when she's upstairs, when someone walks to and stops in front of the fruit bowl in the kitchen. She comes running then.

Funniest thing they have ever done? Stealing hats of Rían's head - she's on video stealing Rían's hat in the snow and stealing his Santa hat at Christmas

Advice to another pet coming in your home? "As soon as they leave the house, it's imperative to immediately run to the kitchen and check the counters for any food they forgot to put away. Never give up hope! It is possible to win the lottery!"


Owner: Brooke Bohnet
Owner: Jennifer Moss
Owner: Paige DeLoach
Owner: Aly Ferguson
Trini | Owner: Brooke Bohnet

Age: 14

Favorite thing to eat? Drink from my bedside water glass

Tell us about their personality: Friendly with a side of nut case

Best trick: Chasing her tail

Funniest thing they have ever done? Slept in baby stroller after our human baby arrived

Advice to another pet coming in your home? Back off, they are my humans!


Panda | Owner: Jennifer Moss

Age: 11

Favorite thing to eat? Everything he can. Specifically: carrots, bananas, trash on the street

Tell us about their personality: Lazy but spunky. He will sleep 97% of the day, but he also can't resist chasing a tennis ball or chewing a squeaky toy. He lets you know how he feels via different types of sneezes (e.g. he has one sneeze that means "I'm excited!" and another that says "F@%* you!"). Sometimes when he sneezes he is literally propelled a few inches off the ground.

Best trick: Purposefully hiding his tennis balls under furniture and staring at you until you get up to get it. Repeat 100 times an hour.

Funniest thing they have ever done? He has zero respect for personal space, especially when you're in what he perceives as his spot on a sofa/bed/chair, and has been known to make grown men (and women) contort themselves into highly uncomfortable positions to appease his sense of spot entitlement

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Enter at your own risk.


Benny | Owner: Paige DeLoach

Age: Between 2 and 4

Favorite thing to eat? Ranch dressing

Tell us about their personality: He's the cutest and dumbest cat ever. He has no short term memory so he is extremely curious and has no sense of fear. He is not graceful at all and is always knocking something over. Overall, he's not very good at being a cat. But he is probably the greatest cat that has ever been or ever will be.

Best trick: He sometimes does somersaults when he's feeling playful.

Funniest thing they have ever done? One time he ran into the glass of the window because he wanted to chase the birds outside. It was really sad but also shows how dedicated he is to his craft.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Whenever Benny is being super annoying or loud I just feed him to get him to shut up. So Benny would say that the more annoying you are, the more treats you get.


Luna | Owner: Aly Ferguson

Age: 7

Favorite thing to eat? Chicken

Tell us about their personality: Luna is a a stereotypical cat. She is social, vocal, and feisty.

Best trick: Escaping from her cat carrier.

Funniest thing they have ever done? Stole an entire pancake off my plate and carried it around the house with her.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: She runs our house. I'm sure she has an entire list of rules for others to follow.


Owner: Leah Dillard
Hercules Mulligan
Owner: Grettie VonVorys-Norton
Owner: Lauryn DuValle
Owner: Cali Cornacchia
Sandy | Owner: Leah Dillard

Age: 11

Favorite thing to eat? Our cat's food (when he isn't eating grass)

Tell us about their personality: Sandy's the most social and photogenic member of the family. He's basically human...he crosses his legs, laughs (the dog version...a weird wheezing sound), and belches nonstop. He's a German shepherd mix, so he has to "protect" us at all times, but wants to meet/hug/kiss everyone he sees so he's a horrible guard dog. He's the cuddliest wannabe-lapdog I've ever met.

Best trick: Jumps the fence when we aren't home so he can book it through the neighborhood and pee on everyone's shrubs

Funniest thing they have ever done? Every time he sneezes (I caught it on Snapchat once and put it on thing ever)

Advice to another pet coming in your home: You can chill with the cat (King Tut...I hate him) but don't touch my people


Hercules Mulligan | Owner: Grettie VonVorys-Norton

Age: 1

Favorite thing to eat? Peanut butter, goldfish crackers, doggie ice cream, and basically everything but kibble

Tell us about their personality: When Mully isn't sleeping and cuddling he is zooming around, sighing dramatically and posing for pictures for his Instagram @Mully_the_cavapoo

Best trick: Is cuddling a trick?

Funniest thing they have ever done? As the dramatic pup he is, Mulligan sighs many times throughout the day. He sighs when hes cuddling and content or because hes stubborn and then has to give in.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Squirrels are a threat to national security and we must take every measure chase them away.


Carter | Owner: Lauryn DuValle


Favorite thing to eat? anything cheese related

Tell us about their personality: Carter is an 11 year old pup that loves to sleep and study physics. In his free time he likes to eat, study, and cuddle with his two mommas. Carter likes to live life in the fast lane.

Best trick: He only knows one word... "Siq'em". He's like a 13 pound panic button on your car alarm. He'll make a lot of noise, and star searching for someone to bark at.

Funniest thing they have ever done? When he was a puppy he found a family sized bag of nacho cheese Doritos and decided to drag the open bag from the first floor to upstairs in my bedroom. Orange was everywhere and he was found later inside the bag!

Advice to another pet coming in your home: E = mc^2


Luna| Owner: Cali Cornacchia

Age: 4

Favorite thing to eat? Fancy Feast. She dips her paw in and licks it, like a lady.

Tell us about their personality: Luna wants to be the center of attention. As soon as you walk in the door, she rolls over and demands belly rubs. When you sit down, she's on your lap. When you move rooms, she's right at your feet. She loves being pet and she knows that she's gorgeous. Some may call her needy, but I think she's a queen who knows what she's worth!

Best trick: Luna doesn't do tricks. She is too bourgeois to be told what to do.

Funniest thing they have ever done? The night that we adopted her, we had decided not to let her sleep in the bed - we didn't want her to get used to it. Our bedroom door doesn't stay shut well, so we put a stack of boxes in front of it. Miss Luna headbutted the door until she pushed back the boxes and wiggled her way in, then jumped on the bed and laid down like nothing happened. Needless to say, she sleeps on the bed every night.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: I think Luna would be all sweet and welcoming, but definitely assert her dominance and ownership of her people. Her advice would be, "Stay out of my way and we won't have any issues, love."  


Owner: Cali Cornacchia
Owner: Elizabeth Robinson
Winston Churchill
Owner: Amy McIsaac
Owner: Stephanie Armstrong
Neptune | Owner: Cali Cornacchia

Age: 9 months

Favorite thing to eat? Betta food! Organic, of course.

Tell us about their personality: Neptune is an intellectual. He likes to spend his day writing poetry and having philosophical conversations with his helmet. Neptune's greatest dream is to visit the Ancient Library of Alexandria.

Best trick: Neptune is really great at hide-and-seek! You would think it's hard to lose a fish in a 3 gallon tank, but he is the master at hiding.

Funniest thing they have ever done? He likes laying in his fish hammock, which I think is hilarious.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Neptune couldn't be bothered to interact - he is too busy contemplating life's greatest mysteries.


Meeko | Owner: Elizabeth Robinson

Age: 2

Favorite thing to eat? Broccoli stalks

Tell us about their personality: Meeko enjoys lifting weights, drinking protein shakes, and checking out all the fine ladies DC has to offer while ignoring the Helga to his Arnold aka Fiona

Best trick: Box jumping

Funniest thing they have ever done? Although he's a gym rat, Meeko doesn't believe in cardio. During walks, he stops when he's done and falls over. 

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Elizabeth is mine.


Winston Churchill | Owner: Amy McIsaac

Age: 10

Favorite thing to eat? Whatever meat my husband and I are about to cook

Tell us about their personality: Winston is a happy, calm, well trained, lovable, old dog. I have never heard him bark!

Best trick: At 9 years old, Winston learned how to swim. We took him to the lake by our house day after day, and he was always afraid to go further than he could stand. Then one day, I think he just decided he could swim, and he started go far out in the water to fetch a ball. Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks was wrong!

Funniest thing they have ever done? Winston never goes into our bathroom, but one day, he went in there, passed gas pretty loudly, and then walked out looking embarrassed. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: "They travel a lot, so when you see the suitcase, brace yourself."


Lovie | Owner: Stephanie Armstrong

Age: 10

Favorite thing to eat? Anything and everything, including inedible things like garbage bags, books, and food wrappers

Tell us about their personality: Lovie loves everyone! She enjoys walks where she can meet strangers, and make them her best friend.

Best trick: She can balance a treat on her nose, toss it in the air and then catch it!

Funniest thing they have ever done? She's oddly attracted to people that don't like dogs, and can zero out people on the street or in groups and aggressively will try to win them over, she can sense that they need the right dog to love. She also hops over metal grates in the city instead of walking over them, I think she fears falling through.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: I get all of the attention, so don't try to make Stephanie like you more than me - if you're a dog. If you're any other animal, she'd tell them to find her whenever it's nap time for cuddles.


Owner: Will Allen
Owner: Cameron Blossom
Junie | Owner: Will Allen

Age: 4

Favorite thing to eat? Bacon treats

Tell us about their personality: Feisty yet determined

Best trick: Shaking her butt when she sees a familiar face

Funniest thing they have ever done? She constantly barks at anyone wearing a hat because she can't recognize them anymore

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Come with your best squirrel chasing face on!


Jamaica | Owner: Cameron Blossom

Age: 1.5

Favorite thing to eat? Peanut butter or the insides of stuffed animals

Tell us about their personality: She has the most energy of any dog ever. She's also very interested any object or item any other human/animal has. It is now hers and you will like it.

Best trick:She yawns incessantly until the humans wake up. Jamaica, we know you're not that tired.

Funniest thing they have ever done? Some inanimate objects like trash cans or bags of leaves scare the willies out of Jam Jam. She often refuses to walk down city blocks or near houses that contain those horrifying items.

Advice to another pet coming in your home:"Everything that is yours is now mine. And if you touch my humans, I'll lose my absolute mind."

Service Year Pets!
Service Year Pets!
Together we have the potential to make a #serviceyear a common expectation and opportunity for all