Build a Compelling Campaign on Network for Good

Welcome to Service Year’s crowdfunding platform, Network for Good. On this website you will create and manage your crowdfunding campaign. You will not be able to work on your campaign until receive the email with the subject line “Your fundraising page has been approved.” Your campaign will come to you with the bare minimum information filled in, and you are encouraged to fill out all the fields and import pictures and your video before your campaign launches.


  • After you receive an email with the subject line “Your fundraising page has been approved,” click on the link included.
  • You will land on your project’s public page.This page will not be live on the website until launch day.
  • In the top right hand corner, you can sign in by using your email address and temporary password sent to you via email.

Edit Fundraiser

  • Once you have logged in, click on your fundraiser card under “My Fundraisers.”
  • Locate the black administration bar at the top of the page. This bar indicates you have access to modify the fundraiser settings.
  • Click on “Edit Page” on the top.
  • Fill in the fields to complete your campaign. This information will be visible by the public.
  • Click save and preview. Your campaign is now all set up.

Building your Campaign

Below are the fields you will need to fill out in order to complete your public campaign page. Keep in mind that everything on your page should represent your brand.

Individual vs. Team

When you receive your campaign, it will already have individual selected. Even if you are working as a team, keep this setting on individual.

Page Name

This will already be filled in, and it will be the name of your organization.


Swap in a picture that best represents your organization. This will be the first and possibly only image that will appear on your page. It is possible, and recommended, to include additional pictures in the body of your campaign.

Video Link

You will need to upload your video to either youtube or vimeo before you can add it to your campaign page. Once you do, you can attach your video by typing in the URL of your video. Your video will appear behind your photo and when clicked on will open up and play as a pop up.

Fundraising Goal

Total sum of money you have set as your goal to raise during your campaign

Call to Action & Secondary Call to Action

Located under your picture, your Call to Action is a statement to prompt someone to do something in order to address a problem. Your Call to Action should be 30-50 characters, and your secondary call to action should be 50-90 characters.

“Tell your friends why you are raising money”

This text field will be the body of your campaign. This section is where you include your story, your pitch, how your organization will benefit from these funds, how the donor benefits from participating, how the funds will be spent, background on your organization, and your mission.

An important part when writing this is making sure you are writing it to draw in the viewer. You want to talk about how they will benefit and how they are crucial to your organization and less about your benefit. “Your donation will go directly to supporting a... “ instead of “the funds we raise will…” Remember who your audience is. Your campaign needs to appeal to both avid supporters and individuals who are seeing you for the first time.

Advanced Settings

To access these advanced, yet recommended fields, click on the settings button near the top of the page.

Video Title

This shows up on the top of your video in the video popup box. Test out catchy titles to grab the user's attention.


This helps users find your campaign using the search feature. Check any of the categories that relate back to your organization. When users are on Network for Good, they will be able to search based on these categories.  


This serves as the title to the body of your campaign.

Donation amounts/gift string/allow custom donations

The standard gift string is $25, $50, $75, $100. Consider picking unique numbers within your gift string with numbers that relate back to your organization.  

Allow custom donations as it will engage potential donors who want to donate to your cause even if your lowest gift amount is out of reach. It also allows large donors to contribute a larger gift than your gift strand offers.

Campaign Dates

Don’t put start date! When you put in a start date, it makes your page live on the Network for Good website, so that will be put in on the launch morning.

Best Practices for the Body of a Campaign

These tips should be used to help build the body text of your campaign. In this section you should include an overview of what's also contained in your video (Why this campaign, why now, who will feel the impact of this money) This is also an appropriate place to give background information about your organization, your mission, and how you will benefit if you are successfully funded. You should expect with proper outreach for your campaign to reach the newsfeeds and timelines of people who have never heard about your organization. It is encouraged for your campaign’s text and video to echo each other since backers may not take the time to view both.

Use headlines to grab the attention of your audience

The use of headlines is a powerful tool. It quickly directs your audience to the different sections of your campaign. Too many or none at all can prove to hurt your pitch.

Use short paragraphs

Your audience is used to grasping information in less than 140 characters. While your body can be as long as needed, try to limit the length of each paragraph. This helps your audience members who want to skim your campaign message to be able to quickly pick up on key points.

Bold, Italics and including links can be your friend if used correctly

When your audience is reading your pitch, their eyes really will gravitate to any text that looks different: bolded, underlined, italic or links. Use this sparingly but to your advantage. It can often convey tone and emotion.

A picture says a thousand words

Don’t hesitate to add colorful images to the body of your campaign. Eye catching pictures are more pleasing to your audience than a typed novel. Use pictures to break up your text.

Watch your pronouns

While these campaign funds are being raised for your organization, don’t forget that it is not all about you. Make sure you pull in your backers and tell them how they could benefit from the campaign or how their contributions will benefit your cause. In nonprofit specific crowdfunding, it’s important to help your supporters feel important and connected to the cause.

Test it out

Having everyone look over your campaign before launch day could mean the difference between success and failure. This step will allow you to catch any errors and make sure your campaign is eye catching.

Create Budget Items

You know what you are going to do with the funds you raise, but do your donors? You can add a budget list to your campaign page to detail what you are going to do with the funds you raise. This feature has to be input on the Service Year end and will be highlighted on your campaign page.  



Add a click through button

If you are interested in including a click-through button to another page or website on your campaign, Service Year can add it for you! You can pick the page you get sent to and get to customize what the button says.


Campaign Updates

To send out a campaign update you must be signed into the administrative account. On the black bar on the top of your campaign you will see the words “Send Project Updates.” From here a text box will appear in which you will be able to send out these updates. Remember that this content will be sent to anyone who has donated to your campaign and cannot be made personalized to each donor.


Build a Compelling Campaign on Network for Good
Build a Compelling Campaign on Network for Good
Together we have the potential to make a #serviceyear a common expectation and opportunity for all