Service Year Alliance Awards

Service Year Alliance is hosting a series of mini awards to source great ideas and hear inspiring stories from the service year field. Winners will receive a cash prize. Check back often to see what new award is opening up! 




Other open awards:   
Awards Submissions Due by August 31st

Service Year Story Award: Making the Most of the Challenges

For a recently graduated service year corps member’s story about how they lived on the service year stipend and adjusted to their service year community.

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Awards Submissions Due by September 30th

Opportunity Youth Recruitment & Retention Award

For the organization that excels at recruiting and retaining Opportunity Youth.

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Transcending Outcomes for Opportunity Youth Award

For the organization whose service year model provides Opportunity Youth with a transformational experience.

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Best Example of a Successful Scaling Strategy

For the organization that has successfully increased service year opportunities for young people to serve.

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Excellence in Employer Engagement

For the organization that effectively engages employers as partners.

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Service Year Alliance Awards
Together we have the potential to make a #serviceyear a common expectation and opportunity for all